Woman Jumps In Front Of A Car To Save Little Boy’s Life

Woman Jumps In Front Of A Car To Save Little Boy’s Life

If it wasn’t for the complete selflessness of Shanta Jordan, one little boy would not be alive. 

Caught on surveillance camera, a car is shown slamming into pedestrians in Connecticut, pinning a woman and young child against a building. Right as the car is about to slam into the little boy, a hero named Shanta Jordan jumped in front of the vehicle in an effort to push the little boy out of the car’s path. 

“If she did not step in, the child would be in direct contact with the motor vehicle against the wall and most likely, he would have perished, he would have died,” Bridgeport Police Chief A.J. Perez said.

Jordan’s body absorbed much of the impact of the car, thereby saving the child’s life, although he was seriously injured. According to Fox 13, police said that surgeons initially thought they would have to amputate both of the boy’s legs, but after hours in the operating room, they were able to save them. 

Police continued that if it was not for the amazing bravery of Jordan, the little boy’s family would be grieving his loss. “I truly believe that it would’ve been a fatality,” Perez said. 

Both Shanta Jordan and the little boy are still recovering, and police said state and local leaders will pay special tribute to Jordan in a ceremony at City Hall next week. “She is a heroine, that’s what she is,” Perez said. “She is a great person and she is an asset to this community.”

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Warning: The following video contains content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

[Featured Image Credit: Bridgeport Police]