Wife Writes A Book To Help Husband With Alzheimer’s Remember

Wife Writes A Book To Help Husband With Alzheimer’s Remember

When one California woman found out that her husband was slowly forgetting the life they shared for over 50 years, she refused to just sit by and let it all vanish from his memory.

Two years ago, Vernon Robinson was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after he and his wife Willa started to notice signs of the disease when he would ask her the same questions, forget people they had met, and call multiple times in a row without realizing it. “When the doctor gave us a final diagnosis, it really hit us,” Willa,68, said. “Even though we had seen the signs, when it’s final, it’s kind of a different atmosphere.”

“It’s terrible, I’ll tell you, but we’re surviving. It’s okay. There’s nothing we can do about it,” Vernon said. Since the diagnosis, the couple has been learning to adjust to the changes caused by the disease. “I’m still learning how to react and how to not get too emotional, not get too upset,” Willa explained. But one thing Willa refused to accept, was her husband forgetting the life and love they share.

To help him remember, Willa wrote the book 52 Ways to Love My Man, which includes 26 of her favorite memories as a couple and 26 stories written by their closest friends and family members. “I usually go through it every day — a section at a time I read,” Vernon said. “It brings back a lot of memories and different experiences and different people in the book. It’s real nice.”

“I can see the good that it does with him, by reading the book and looking at the pictures,” Willa said. “The hope is that he will always remember who we are.”

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]