Veteran Reunited With Service Dog Stolen During Attack

Veteran Reunited With Service Dog Stolen During Attack

This past Mother’s Day, Army veteran Robert Lebron went for a walk with his eight-month-old service dog, Mala, and was cruelly attacked as they were returning home.

“I was attacked from behind,” said Lebron, who didn’t fight back because he didn’t know if the men were armed. One of the men grabbed Lebron and dragged him to the ground as another man grabbed Mala’s leash and ran off. In the weeks that followed the attack, Lebron was devastated his partner was gone and he had no idea if she was safe or not.

Lebron served as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan and got Mala to help transition into civilian life after returning home. “It was one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in a long time,” he said. “Because I can take her everywhere to the store, to church, to the hospital – and I do.”

Lebron struggled after Mala was stolen and spent countless hours searching for her and spreading his story. And this past week, all that hard work finally paid off when an anonymous hero brought Mala back to him. “What she gives me I can’t get from someone else: not a therapist or a family member or my friend,” Lebron said about Mala. “It’s unconditional love.”

“I would like to proudly announce that Mala is back home with me. Gratitude to all who supported me through this happy ending. She is chipped now. I would like to personally thank the person, who would like to remain anonymous, for bringing me my baby back home. You are my Honorary Army Ranger!”

Watch the entire video below to see the precious moment this veteran was reunited with his service dog.

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