Toddler Miraculously Wakes Up After Drowning In A Pond

Toddler Miraculously Wakes Up After Drowning In A Pond

A miracle is defined as an extraordinary event that cannot be explained by the laws of nature or science, and one Oregon family claims they experienced one after their toddler survived against all odds…

Last week, 22-month-old Matty Cunningham wandered away from his family and ended up drowning in a neighbor’s pond. “We don’t know how he got there, maybe he was following a dog,” dad Matthew said. “We lost track of him.” The family frantically searched for Matty, but when they finally found him and pulled him from the pond, he was gone.

“He was dead,” Matthew said. “He was blue and dead.” Despite Matty’s condition, they immediately started CPR and called 911. “When I’m doing compressions, my children were on their knees praying and begging god for a miracle,” said mom Elsa.”We just prayed and prayed and prayed,” Matthew said. Soon after, the county sheriff arrived and raced the toddler to the hospital.

By the time Matty got to the hospital, vital signs were minimal and his blood work wasn’t good. “They (doctors) did their best, but it wasn’t looking good. They painted the story of a dead child,” Matthew said. “It’s always very, very stressful because so often the outcome is so bad,” said Dr. Adrian Curnow, a pediatric surgeon.

Matty, who had been sedated, was then taken to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise so they could take an MRI to see how bad the brain damage was. “They braced us for the worst,” Matthew said. “I was worried that the test results we’re going to be really bad.” However, the MRI showed nothing wrong. “Through the grace of God, they said his MRI was normal. There wasn’t a better word at that point a parent could want to hear.”

The doctors decided to lift the sedation, and Matty miraculously woke up like nothing had happened. “Within a matter of hours, he was acting like himself. He was acting like Matty. He was perfect… He was trying to run around in the ICU and they kicked us out,” Matthew said.

“We just fell to our knees and thanked god,” Matthew said. “Praising god. You almost wonder if you’re going to wake up, it’s just a dream that’s too good to be true. You’re just going wake up from it. My son is dead and now he’s alive. It defies any logic. This is just a miracle.”

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[Featured image: The Cunningham Family]