Tiny Dog Has Strange Reaction When Rescuers Sneak Up On Him

Tiny Dog Has Strange Reaction When Rescuers Sneak Up On Him

Los Angeles-based dog rescue organization Hope For Paws was called about a tiny dog living between the L.A. River and nearby railroad tracks. 

When rescuers arrived at the scene, Lisa Arturo from Hope For Paws spotted the dog nestled in the bushes. While Lisa kept watch, Loreta Frankoynte and Eldad Hagar went to the car to get rescue gear. 

Keeping their eyes on the dog so they wouldn’t lose him, it was a very dangerous situation as the area was wide open. Hagar decided it was safest to try and sneak up on the dog. But when he approached, the tiny dog didn’t even move!

They secured a net around the dog and managed to get a leash around him. Rescuers pet the scared dog to assure him that help had arrived and eventually he relaxed. 

It’s uncertain how long the dog was roaming the streets, but Hope For Paws got there just in time to save his life. Being so close to the train tracks, the dog could have easily been run over. Now, he is in the care of Rescue From The Hart and they have named the tiny cutie Diesel. 

If you live in the Los Angeles area and wish to adopt Diesel, please click here to contact Rescue From The Hart

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[Featured Image Credit: Hope For Paws- Official Rescue Channel/YouTube]