Tiny Bear With Jug Stuck On Its Head Desperately Tries To Free Itself

Tiny Bear With Jug Stuck On Its Head Desperately Tries To Free Itself

On Saturday, police in La Verne, California, came to the rescue of a baby bear with a jar stuck firmly on its head. 

We’re not sure how this jug got stuck on the bear’s head, but it certainly resembles a scene from Winnie the Pooh when he would constantly get his head stuck in jars of honey. The rescue was captured on video while the bear tried to climb a fence with the jug secured tightly on its head. Officers from the La Verne Police Department were finally able to remove the jar after cutting it open while holding the bear down. 

Thankfully, the animal did not appear to be in distress after the jug was removed and he sprinted of immediately. He didn’t, however, show any gratitude towards the officers for rescuing him as he ran off into the woods. 

This reminds us of other instances where bears got jugs stuck on their heads (apparently this is a common thing). 

Like, last year when a couple called wildlife officials after seeing a young black bear spotted running around with a jug on its head for over one week. Luckily, rescuers finally found the bear and were able to lasso it to the ground, but the bear put up a pretty good fight. 

We’re just happy both of these bears were able to be rescued because these stories don’t always have a happy ending. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Inside Edition via La Verne Police Department]