Terrified Street Dog Has Incredible Reaction When He Sees Rescuer

Terrified Street Dog Has Incredible Reaction When He Sees Rescuer

The incredible rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited, India, received a call about a street dog who was badly injured and in dire pain. 

He was so agitated by the pain he was in, but was starving and very weary about accepting food or getting too close to rescuers. They knew however that if they didn’t rescue him, the infected wound would soon kill him. 

Animal Aid rescuers proceeded to try and catch the dog by hand, although they feared he might bolt at any minute. 

They prepared to catch him with a net, and once they did, the dog was petrified but knew his healing had just begun. Back at the Animal Aid shelter, they started the dog’s treatment. 

Rescuers applied a powder to kill maggots that were infesting his wound, and after a few hours, they treated the wound. They sedated the dog, cleaned his wounds, and he was on his way to recovery. 

Animal Aid Unlimited, India, wrote on their YouTube channel, “Without treatment, this young handsome boy would not have survived. But after 6 weeks of care, meet Jay today!”  

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]