Teen Saves Dad After Truck Rolled Onto His Head

Teen Saves Dad After Truck Rolled Onto His Head

What started out as a fun day fishing on a lake in Mississippi nearly turned deadly for one father when his head accidentally became wedged underneath the tire of his truck.

“I still can’t believe it,” said Bob Staub, who nearly lost his life when he went to help his son and his son’s two friends load their boat onto a trailer after a day of fishing on Tunica Lake. It should have been a simple task, but when Staub’s truck got stuck in ‘park’, he was forced to get underneath his truck to try and fix it.

“I knew where to reach under the vehicle and disengage the thing,” Staub said. However, he had forgotten to engage the emergency brake, so the truck began rolling down the loading ramp when he got it into neutral. “My head was three inches from the tire,” Staub said.

“I must have one hell of a hard head because my head was stopping the truck from going backward,” he said. Thankfully, Staub’s son, Nick, and his two friends quickly started working to push the truck forward. After a few attempts, they managed to push the truck a few inches and Staub was able to pull his head away.

“I jumped to my feet,” Staub said. “My head could have been crushed right there in front of my son. These poor kids were just shaking. They had enough sense to do the right thing.” Because of their quick action, Staub walked away with just some bruising and a tear in his ear, which doctors sewed back together. “I shouldn’t be here,” Staub said. “Those guys are heroes.”

Watch the entire video below to see what this heroic teen did when he saw his dad’s head being crushed by a truck.

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[Featured image: WREG News Channel 3]