Soldier Is Reunited With Stolen Dog Missing For 7 Years

Soldier Is Reunited With Stolen Dog Missing For 7 Years

The longer anything or anyone stays missing, the less chance there is that you’ll ever be reunited, which is why one U.S. Army veteran was convinced she would never see her beloved Italian Greyhound.

Seven years ago, veteran Kelly Accettola let her two-year-old dog, Bemis, out in the backyard of her and her husband’s home on a military base in Virginia. Normally, Bemis would come straight back to the door after going to the bathroom, which is why Accettola knew something wasn’t right. “I went out to the back yard, and he wasn’t there,” she said.  “It was just like he vanished without a trace.”

Accettola spent months looking for Bemis and would walk around the area looking for him. But as time passed, she realized the reality of the situation and knew that the likelihood of finding him decreased with each passing day. Eventually, Accettola and her husband got transferred around the country and ended up in San Diego.

However, this past month, veteran Kelly Accettola got word that Bemis was alive and had been found wandering the streets in North Carolina. “Come to find out,” Accettola said, “even changing your phone number can’t stop fate from happening.”

A vet scanned Bemis’ microchip and found contact details for his owners. The phone number no longer worked, so they sent a letter to the listed address, which was Accettola’s mother-in-law. She received the notice last month and immediately called her daughter-in-law to share the good news.

Accettola jumped on a plane to Charlotte and was finally reunited with her four-legged best friend.“I’m so grateful, and when I saw his little face, it was like nothing had ever changed. I just can’t believe it,” she said.

“This is the most amazing miracle… This is a blessing, and I really think this is going to be helpful for getting people to believe and have hope again.”

Watch the entire video below to see the emotional moment this soldier is reunited with her long-lost dog.

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