Soldier Injured In Afghanistan Is Surprised With A New Home

Soldier Injured In Afghanistan Is Surprised With A New Home

While serving in Afghanistan in 2011, United States Army Sgt. Joshua Stahl’s life was forever changed when he accidentally stepped on an IED during a mission and lost both of his legs.

“We were looking for IEDs and I stepped on a mine and it blew my legs off,” Stahl said about the accident. Stahl was sent home to his family and began his long road to recover. But even after healing and getting a wheelchair, Stahl struggled with his disability especially since the home he, his wife, and their three children live in was not made to accommodate wheelchairs.

So when an organization called Tunnel to Towers, which gifts homes to injured servicemen, reached out to the Stahl family and explained they wanted to give them a brand new home for free, they were overcome by the generous offer. “We’re building these homes all across the country for the most catastrophically injured servicemen. This will be the 56th home that we’ve either handed the keys over or started at this point. Our ultimate goal is to build at least 200 of these homes across this country,” said John Hodge from Tunnels to Towers.

The brand new home was built to be wheelchair accessible and even features a stove that lowers down at the push of a button so Stahl can safely cook on his own. “It means that I’ll actually be able to cook and do dishes without getting splashed with water or burned with the stove,” Stahl said. “Personally, I don’t think I did anything to deserve this so I’m very grateful.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this veteran and his family were given the home of their dreams.

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[Featured image: Fox 8 News Cleveland]