Selfless Grandmother Volunteers To Carry Her Own Grandchild

Selfless Grandmother Volunteers To Carry Her Own Grandchild

One Arkansas mom would do absolutely anything for her kids, so when her son and daughter-in-law needed to find a surrogate to have a baby, she didn’t hesitate to volunteer.

Kayla and Cody Jones have been married for four years and have been wanting to start a family for a long time. However, the couple knew it was going to be a challenge since Kayla had a tumor removed from her uterus when she was 17-years-old and left her unable to carry or birth a baby.

“It has been 10 years knowing I would have to use a surrogate to have children. I’m glad it is somebody I can trust because, if I can’t do it, you know,” Kayla said about her 49-year-old mother-in-law Patty Resecker, who happily volunteered to be their surrogate even though it would be risky and possibly dangerous for her health.

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for this woman. Patty, my mother in law, is going to be mine and Cody’s surrogate. Yes- a grandmother carrying her grandbaby. How freaking cool is that?!? Patty has gone through lots of testing, including stress tests, and being cleared by her PCP and local OBGYN. We know there are risks, but we also know that God is the one in control,” Kayla wrote in a post on Facebook announcing the exciting news.

“I do wish I was the one being able to carry our child, but I am so thankful Patty can. We are forever grateful. Our kid is going to know that he/she was so loved; his grandmother was willing to endure blood draws, intramuscular injections, multiple testing, and nine months of pregnancy to get them here.”

“I am beyond blessed to be able to do that,” said Resecker, who will soon find out if a transfer procedure is successful. “My biggest concern is to make sure not only is the baby healthy, but my mother-in-law stays healthy, too,” she told the news outlet. “[I’ve] got a good mother-in-law. Most people don’t like their mother-in-law, but I’ve got a good one,” says Kayla.

Watch the entire video below to see the touching thing this mom is doing for her grandchild.

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