School Nurse Spots Signs Of Boy’s Leukemia Just In Time

School Nurse Spots Signs Of Boy’s Leukemia Just In Time

Normally, kids can’t wait to get outside to play at recess. So when one one kindergartener didn’t want to play, the school nurse knew something was wrong.

“He stood alongside of me, and he said that his leg hurt and he didn’t want to really go out and play, ” Zane North Elementary School teacher Kathy Keller said about her student, Nathan Campbell. Keller notified the school nurse and sent him to her office, and when nurse Patti Butler finally set eyes on the little boy, alarm bells started going off in her head.

“His skin was translucent, and that’s when I said, ‘I’ve only see someone look this color once in 25 years, prove me wrong,” Butler said. She immediately called mom Nicole Defeo Campbell and explained that her son appeared to be showing symptoms of leukemia.

“Honestly, I wrote it off,” Campbell said. “I really thought she was being kind of alarmist because I didn’t see anything wrong with him, and then the doctor himself called.” A blood test confirmed Butler’s suspicions. Nathan was diagnosed with leukemia, but because she caught it so early, he responded well to treatment and is now in remission.

“If she hadn’t called us, we would not be standing here talking about Nate today,” Campbell said. “I believe that firmly that she saved him.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing way a school nurse saved this little boy’s life.

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