Rescuers Save Struggling Deer Drowning In Water At Country Club

Rescuers Save Struggling Deer Drowning In Water At Country Club

Wildlife rescuers in Florida received a call from a country club about an adult deer that was struggling to escape from a pond. 

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call and said in a Facebook post that deputies arrived at the Laurel Oak Country Club on Sunday morning to rescue not one, but two deer stranded in a pond. 

Deputies were called to Laurel Oak Country Club this morning for reports of two deer stranded in a pond. Unfortunately, one didn’t survive but the other was trying his hardest to stay afloat. Deputies contacted Wildlife,Inc. Education & Rehabilitation Center who quickly responded and rescued the full-grown adult male.”

The deer that passed drowned before rescuers even arrived, according to the sheriff’s office. In the video below, rescuers are seen paddled towards the deer by canoe and once they got closer they attached a rope to the animal. 

One of the men got out of the canoe and onto dry land and pulled the rope to help the deer out of the water. Finally, with the help of the second man, they successfully pulled the deer out of the lake and he ran off into the distance. 

Great job to the men from the Wildlife Education & Rehabilitation Center for this incredible rescue. 

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Click here to watch a dog pull a drowning deer to shore.

[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Sarasota County (FL) Sheriff’s Office]