Rescuers Find Two Freezing Dogs Abandoned In Crates

Rescuers Find Two Freezing Dogs Abandoned In Crates

Rescuers were beside themselves when they found a shivering dog curled up inside a crate on a deserted road in Dallas, Texas.

It was late Saturday night, and with not a person in sight, the future was not looking bright for this poor dog. 

Luckily for him, a woman named Leslie Ysuhuaylas had spotted him in the isolated area, where, all too often, irresponsible owners abandon their dogs, leaving them to fend for themselves. 

Leslie wrote on her Facebook asking advocates for help for this dog she named Benny and Rescue Rocks NYC immediately stepped up to help. Stacey Silverstein, the co-founder of the organization, made arrangements to send Benny to a partner veterinarian emergency hospital where he is now fighting for his life. 

Silverstein wrote on FacebookBenny is on an IV as he is completely dehydrated weak and starved. X-rays were taken of Benny‘s leg and chest. His head is very swollen, and the medical staff is continuing to run tests to figure out why. As you can see it cost the rescue close to $2300 just for the night. Benny will get the very best care but we need your help.” 

To make matters even worse, when the rescue discovered “Benny in the box,” there was another dog next to him! When we discovered Benny In The Box in critical condition there was another dog next to him who we suspect had been living in this area unprotected for weeks, freezing to death right beside Benny,” wrote Rescue Rocks. 

“Thankfully, this dog appears healthy,” they said. “Betty spent the night last night, safe and warm, never to be on the streets again. She will be transported to our Texas vet partner for a full medical workup, to make sure she’s up to date on shots, altered and there are no underlying medical issues that need to be addressed.”

Rescue Rocks said that both dogs will need a foster home or adopted home to go, and you can apply for Benny and Betty here.

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[Featured Image Credit: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC/Facebook]