Puppy Is So Happy To Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Smiling

Puppy Is So Happy To Be Rescued He Can’t Stop Smiling

Warning: This article contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers. 

Animal Aid Unlimited India is known for their incredible animal rescues, but this one involving four puppies really warmed our hearts. 

In a brand new video, Animal Aid rescuers share four stories of street dogs who were brought to their shelter in Udaipur, India, so they can have a fresh start at life. When Animal Aid found the four street puppies, they were wounded and needed urgent help. 

The first puppy was a little girl who had a big wound on her head- Maggots had infected the wound and they needed to be cleaned immediately. 

The second dog was also a female, who was wounded and in so much pain. 

The third dog had fallen into a drain on the street and was cold and scared. He cried in excruciating pain and he needed medical help stat. 

The fourth dog had a painful cut on his head, but once it was cleaned and treated, he was all smiles.

All four dogs experienced speedy recoveries, but only due to the extreme dedication of all the rescuers at Animal Aid UnlimitedWe’ve never seen an organization that transforms the health of animals who were found in such terrible condition. 

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Animal Aid Unlimited, India]