Puppy Hides In Couch To Survive House Fire

Puppy Hides In Couch To Survive House Fire

When North Carolina Firefighters received a call about a local house fire, they rushed to the scene since there were two dogs trapped inside the home.

When firefighters from the Fairview Fire Department arrived at the scene, part of the crew immediately started trying to put out the fire while others bravely ran inside the burning home in hopes of saving the homeowner’s two dogs were home when the fire began.

The crew quickly found the older dog, brought it outside, and administered oxygen since the house was smokey. Yet when crews went back inside the home, the other puppy was nowhere to be found even after they moved around all of the furniture.

Eventually, one of the firemen heard a strange noise coming from one of the sofas they moved earlier, and realized the clever puppy had clawed a hole into the sofa’s upholstery and hid inside. Despite the severity of the fire, the puppy was completely healthy because of some quick-thinking.

Watch the entire video below to see how this clever dog survived a dangerous fire.

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[Featured image: WNCN]