Pregnant Mom Chases Robber After He Stole Rent Money

Pregnant Mom Chases Robber After He Stole Rent Money

It’s never a good idea to mess with a pregnant mom. One thief just learned this lesson the hard way after he robbed an eight-months-pregnant woman at a California convenience store.

This past Friday, expecting mom Jannette Garlow stopped by Canyon market at around 10:30 in the morning to get two money orders with over $1,900 in cash that she and her husband saved up for that month’s rent. “Then this guy came in and tried buying something from behind the counter… and instead of reaching for the product, he shoved me out of the way and grabbed the money,” Garlow said.

The thief assumed the pregnant 23-year-old would be easy to steal and run away from, but he quickly learned pregnant women are incredibly tough. Rather than stand there helplessly, Garlow sprinted after the man after he grabbed her rent money off the counter. “There was a rug in the store and he ended up falling. My center of gravity was off because of the baby, and I fell too. I grabbed onto him and he ended up dragging me,” Garlow said.

And when the thief ran out to a car waiting outside, Garlow didn’t hesitate to do whatever she could to stop him. “I grabbed onto the handle and he was like, ‘Go! Go! Go!’ The driver knew he had done something and they sped off really quickly,” she said. “As soon as the car started going, and I realized they didn’t care that I was there, the adrenaline slowed down. I thought, ‘You’re eight months pregnant; you really can’t be holding onto cars, let alone chasing robbers.’”

“We had been struggling a bit… this money was the difference of us having a place for our child to lay his head, and that’s all I could really think about,” said Garlow, who realized how reckless her actions were after the adrenaline wore off. “I couldn’t let this guy take everything that we worked for.”

“We do have a kid on the way, and in order to raise that child the right way, we need to have a house to put them in,” said husband Justin Garlow. “I don’t blame her at all; I would’ve done the same thing. At that point, she was just thinking of the struggle. I’m really proud of her — she fought hard for our family and she fought for us.”

At the time of the robbery, Garlow thought the man had grabbed all of their money, but she later found out that the quick-thinking store clerk managed to grab most of the money and returned it to her after the incident. Thanks to the kind clerk, Garlow only lost $60 that day.  “Even if he had gotten away with more… we can get money back,” Justin Garlow said. “I’m just glad the baby is okay and she is okay.

Watch the entire video below to see this expecting mom’s incredible reaction after being robbed.

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[Featured image: KCBS]