Pregnant Doctor Delivers Her Own Baby While Stuck In Traffic

Pregnant Doctor Delivers Her Own Baby While Stuck In Traffic

One California doctor has delivered hundreds of babies over the course of her career, but of all the babies she’s delivered, the one she delivered earlier this month was the most precious since it was her own daughter.

After giving birth to her first child at home, Doctor Victoria Williams decided that the second time around she wanted to be at the hospital in the good hands of her co-workers. So when her water broke at home on May 2, her husband quickly gathered her things and they head straight to the hospital.

“We didn’t dilly-dally at home,” Williams said. “We didn’t take our time. We left within 20 minutes. But we weren’t expecting 20 minutes later to have a baby.” While on the way to the hospital, they got stuck in rush hour traffic that was so bad that they couldn’t even pull off into the shoulder when it became clear they weren’t going to make to the hospital in time.

After just 15 minutes on the road, Williams had to deliver baby Kainoa all by herself since her husband was still driving the car, and when everyone heard what happened, no one could believe Williams managed to do it all on her own. “I got to put my own name on the birth certificate as delivering physician which was pretty cool,” Williams said.

Watch the entire video below to see what happened to this pregnant mom on the way to the hospital.

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[Featured image: 3 TV/CBS 5]