Pit Bull Took A Bullet To Protect Owners From Armed Intruders

Pit Bull Took A Bullet To Protect Owners From Armed Intruders

Dogs would do anything to keep their families safe no matter what the cost, so when one pit bull was faced with the task of protecting his owners from intruders, he didn’t hesitate to act even though it meant giving up his own life.

Last month, Nina Teller and Leroy Bucahan had been in their home in West Philadelphia when two armed intruders suddenly burst in. Normally, the couple would have been helpless against the men and their weapons, but thankfully their beloved 8-year-old pit bull named Blue was at their side ready to protect them.

“I told Blue to get after the guy,” Buchanan said. “He locked onto the guy’s leg and that’s when he fired his gun.” The intruders quickly fled the home but left Blue with a severe gunshot wound. The couple rushed their hero to Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital and hoped the injury wasn’t fatal.

“My first instinct was that the shoulder wound was an entry and the sternum was the exit wound,” said Dr. Erica Reineke, the vet who examined Blue when he first arrived. “We knew the wounds were close to his thorax or in his thorax, and he had some air under his skin. So the first thing I was concerned about was thoracic trauma and bleeding from the bullet.”

For the next hour, the team of surgeons operated on Blue and were able to repair the damage caused from the bullet. Just a day after the emergency surgery, Blue was back on his feet and eating on his own as if nothing had happened, and was finally allowed to go home four days later.

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[Featured image: NATL]