Parents Notice Their Kids’ School Lunches Look Like Garbage Compared To Rich Kids

Parents Notice Their Kids’ School Lunches Look Like Garbage Compared To Rich Kids

Across the country, people have been posting photos of the disgusting lunches being served to students in public schools. 

A student at one of Denvers Public Schools shared a photo of her school lunch with Denver publication Padres & Jovenes’s Unidos: 

Credit: YouTube- Denver7 – The Denver Channel

She noted in her photo that her lunch lacked fries, since the school ran out, she was served frozen strawberries, an underripe pear, and a chicken sandwich that came with a burned bun. The student also pointed out that this lunch was normal for lunches at her school, Kepner Middle School.

Following the photo, other students started voicing their complaints, and many moms decided to take action to get to the heart of the problem. Denver’s Channel 7 reports that 50 moms partnered with Padres & Jovenes Unidos, and went to the school district and got permission to look at the lunches that were being served in the sixteen schools. Half of the schools were in poor neighborhoods and the other half were in wealthy ones. The difference the mothers found in the meals were shocking!

Credit: YouTube- Denver7 – The Denver Channel

 On the left shows fresh, high-quality food that is served to the schools in wealthier neighborhoods, and the photo on the right shows overcooked and underripe food served to Kepner Middle School students. 

Mom Ana Maria Munoz told Channel 7 News how she felt about the discovery: “It’s very sad, angering, frustrating to see that we are served such low-quality food, whereas in schools where people are wealthier, more affluent, they have much better food.”

Executive Director of Enterprise Management for Denver Public Schools Theresa Hafner refuted the claim saying that cooks rotate through the various schools: “I really don’t think that one side of town takes more pride in their product than another side of town.”

Hafner was however, grateful, that the issue was brought to the district’s attention. Denver Public Schools are now working hard to make changes that are parent and kid approved. 

Have you witnessed food injustice at your child’s school?

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[Featured Image Credit: YouTube- Denver 7- The Denver Channel]