Parents Introduce Son To Sister Who Passed Away

Parents Introduce Son To Sister Who Passed Away

The death of a newborn is a devastating loss for parents, but this couple handled the death of their baby girl better than anyone we’ve ever seen. 

As the father of the child explained on YouTube, “Unfortunately our baby girl DIED during my wife’s labor. She was SO Beautiful and Dainty! I honestly have no questions for God on the subject,” he said. “I UNDERSTAND and She Understood Her purpose in life. Im HAPPY my wife is healthy and NO LONGER in PAIN and she is handling it so well. The HARDEST part was telling my 4 year old son that his baby sister DIED and cant go home with us.”

This dad captioned his son’s reaction to hearing his newborn sister passed away, and it was honestly one of the most heartbreaking, yet beautiful moments we’ve ever seen. 

The two parents handled it so well, saying things like, “But see how little she is? She’s supposed to be muhhhhch bigger. Big brown baby. But she’s sooo little, we can’t take her home and God called her back home with Him. OK? But next time you might get a brother and a sister!” As the little boy looked down at his little sister, he burst into tears saying, “Kaira, we’re gonna miss you.”

Warning: This video contains graphic content that many be upsetting to viewers. 

Have you ever see a family break such terrible news to their child and handle it so well?

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To watch on update on how the family is doing please click here.

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