Nanny Jumps In Front Of Car About To Hit 2-Year-Old

Nanny Jumps In Front Of Car About To Hit 2-Year-Old

Leaving a child with a nanny or a babysitter can be incredibly difficult for parents since they have no idea how well their child is being cared for when they’re not around.

“As a mom, you give your kid to somebody else … your hope and your dream is that they’re going to treat your kid like their own,” said California mom, Courtney Davis. But recently, Davis and her husband, Bill Wolkoff, found out that their long-time nanny is not only a loving caregiver but also incredibly brave and protective.

Last March, Caroline Maurer took 2-year-old Fox, who she had been nannying since he was just four months old, for a walk around the block from his home. As they began crossing an empty intersection, a car sped through a  stop sign and was headed straight for Fox. “It was going to be him hit since he was kind of more in front of me. So, as the car turned in – I was screaming, ‘Stop! Stop!’ – and pushed him as hard as I could to get him out of the way,” said Maurer, who sacrificed herself by jumping in the way.

“The car came and crushed my hands, the front bumper – and I was thrown a few feet, I don’t know,” Maurer said about the traumatic moment she was hit. “Fox was strapped in and I couldn’t get him out because my hands were crushed and I was on the ground.” Maurier was rushed to the hospital where doctors determined the bones in her arms, wrists, and hands were fractured.

Because of her bravery, Fox miraculously escaped with just a few scrapes and bruises. “One of the paramedics on the scene told me that Caroline had saved Fox’s life,” Davis and Wolkoff wrote on a YouCaring page they set up to raise money for Maurier since she can’t work or go to school and has to go to physical therapy since her hands may never fully recover.

“I’m just so grateful to her,” Davis said. “I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives,” Wolkoff added. “Because of Caroline, the worst didn’t happen. She saved his life.”

Watch the entire video below to see how the boy’s parents reacted when they realized what their nanny did for their family.

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[Featured image: Youtube/Courtney Davis]