Mother Goose Chooses To Nest Her Eggs Outside Hospital Maternity Ward

Mother Goose Chooses To Nest Her Eggs Outside Hospital Maternity Ward

A pair of geese migrated north and headed straight to a Nebraska hospital’s maternity ward. 

According to Inglish Camero, Vice President of patient care services at Alegent Creighton Health Lakeside Hospital in Omaha, the geese picked a flower pot outside the hospital’s emergency entrance, below the maternity ward. 

Camero told that the hospital named the Canadian geese Ralph and Alice after the famous couple from the Honeymooners, since they always seem to be bickering. “We can see them bickering once in a while, which is why we named them Alice and Ralph,” Camero said.

Apparently, this is not the first time the geese have nested at the hospital; They can be spotted there every spring for the last 12 years. 

While they nest at a different location on the property each year, this year Ralph and Alice choose a flower pot. 

“Alice and Ralph started laying eggs last week,” Camero said. “She’s laid six eggs — sextuplets in our driveway.” It may be several weeks before the eggs hatch, so in the meantime, hospital staff has put up signs warning visitors to be on the lookout for the geese. “We’ve had to distract the [geese] so people can get out of their cars,” joked security officer Tom Stock.

Camero added saying, “I watch for people to be nice to them and make sure they’re nice to people. We don’t want anyone bit by them.” 

She explains that “their dad is so protective. He hisses at people when they walk by and they get too close.”

The hospital has called the city’s wildlife department when the pair started nesting, but they ultimately decided not to move the family, since they are part of the community now. 

The goose family will continue to be raised on hospital grounds, where traffic will be diverted so the goslings can have a safe path from their nest to the pond every day. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Sarah Hoffman/The World Herald]