Morbidly Obese Stray Dog Loses Over 30 Pounds

Morbidly Obese Stray Dog Loses Over 30 Pounds

For 13 years, a stray dog named Bolinha lived outside a gas station in Brazil and rather than being ignored, he was fed scraps of food by nearly everyone that walked by.

While this may sound like heaven for a stray dog, the all the food was causing Bolinha to become morbidly obese and it was difficult for him to move. Since none of the passerby’s were communicating with each other how much they were feeding the dog, no one was aware how much food he was actually consuming.

Bolinha weighed about 80 pounds at his worst and he took shelter at a local gas station since he was unable to move.

Eventually, help came for Bolinha and the rescuer brought him to the Animal Protection Organization for help. Veterinarians worked to clean up Bolinha and administered him shots, while providing him around the clock cuddles and care.

It was a long road, however, to nurse Bolinha back to health, but despite being a senior dog who never lived in a loving home, he was an absolute sweetheart.

Bolinha was put on a strict diet and exercise regimen that involved water aquatics, and as the pounds flew off, he became happier and more energetic. Once a day, the pup would go for a walk on an underwater treadmill, and while it was tough at first, he got the hang of it soon enough. 

So far, Bolinha has lost about 30 pounds and while he still has some more to lose, rescuers are confident he will reach his goal.

Thank you to the kind souls out there who saved Bolinha- he couldn’t have done it without you!

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[Featured Image Credit: honesttopaws via Facebook]