Mom In A Coma Wakes Up After They Place Her Baby In Her Arms

Mom In A Coma Wakes Up After They Place Her Baby In Her Arms

Mothers have been known to do the impossible for their children, but doctors in Argentina were left stunned when a woman in a coma miraculously woke up when her newborn son was placed near her face.

Last November, mom and police officer Amelia Bannan was in a car accident while her husband Christian Espindola was driving. Amelia, who was five months pregnant at the time, fractured her skull, which then caused a blood clot to form in her head.

Because of the trauma to her body, Amelia slipped into a coma and was hospitalized. About a month later, Amelia gave birth to her baby boy while still in a coma on Christmas Eve and doctors feared that she wouldn’t recover since she had made no signs of improvement.

Baby Santino was cared for by relatives who visited often, and during one visit, the family placed the newborn near Amelia’s face and were stunned when she started moving and holding her baby on her own. The family says Amelia can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and doctors now hope she’ll be able to make a full recovery. “Doctors told us that this is a miracle from God,” said brother Cesar Bannan.

“She keeps surprising us,” neurosurgeon Marcelo Ferreira says. “We hope that at some point, we will be able to see her walking holding her son’s hand.”

Watch the entire video below to see one of the first times this mom held her baby on her own after spending months in a coma.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Cesar Bannan]