Mom Gets A Wake Up Call When Toddler Suffers Burns From Fire Pit Hours After It Was Used

Mom Gets A Wake Up Call When Toddler Suffers Burns From Fire Pit Hours After It Was Used

One Edmonton mom had the scare of her life when her 2-year-old son Tristan Cormier suffered severe burns after falling in the family’s fire pit. 

On May 17, Tristan’s parents cleaned up their yard and started a backyard fire in the pit to burn off some debris, Tristan’s grandmother told Global News. The Cormier’s were roasting marshmallows and poured water on the fire to put it out before going to bed. 

The following day- about 16 hours later, Tristan was playing in the backyard with his grandpa when things suddenly went wrong. “He was just pushing one of his trucks when he hit the fire pit,” LeBlanc said Tuesday evening. “He went over with his two hands and he kept himself up.”

Within 30 seconds, Tristan was pulled from the pit, but the damage had already been done. “My father was holding my son frantically and all I could see was just ashes everywhere and I instantly – as a mom – just took him inside and called 911,” Tristan’s mother, Shelley Cormier, told Global News

Tristan’s mom called 911 and an ambulance rushed Tristan to the hospital where he had surgery to tend to his burns. “He came out of surgery, his eyes and his face were so swollen because of the trauma of the surgery.”

Tristan had to have his skin removed from his back to replace what he lost on his left arm and hand. Since this frightening ordeal, the family has removed the fire pit from their yard. “We dug it up, took it out, filled it up,” LeBlanc said. “We wish we would have done it before if we would have known.”

The experience has taught Cormier a valuable lesson, which she shared on Facebook Live with other parents: “It [fire] can burn up to 24 to 48 hours afterwards, depending on the temperature outside and the time of fire pit you’re using. It was definitely a shock to see.”

Cormier said, “As much as he’s in pain I’m just grateful because it could’ve been a lot worse.” Tristan will need to undergo intense physiotherapy as well as more skin grafts when he gets older, but Cormier hopes other families can learn from their misfortune. 

The Cormier family has started a GoFundMe page to help with the financial burden of Tristan’s treatment. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Twitter- SarahNKraus]