Mom Donates Over 30 Gallons Of Breast Milk After Baby Died

Mom Donates Over 30 Gallons Of Breast Milk After Baby Died

Losing a child is one of the most painful, heartbreaking things a parent can ever experience. After losing her own baby, one Utah mom decided to try and keep it from happening to other parents whose babies are struggling to survive in the NICU.

During her fifth month of pregnancy, 28-year-old Nicura Thompson found out that her unborn son had seven different heart defects. Despite the health challenges he faced, Thompson was able to carry him to full term, and he seemed amazingly healthy.

“He was born full term. He came home at a week old and he wasn’t on oxygen,” Thompson said. “Unfortunately, a couple weeks into his stay at home, he started having [breathing] trouble.” Baby Colton eventually went into cardiac arrest and passed away on Thompson’s 28th birthday on December 28th.

“Two days before he passed away I knew I wanted to donate breast milk,” said Thompson. “It’s my way of honoring my son.” Thompson pumps breast milk four times each day and freezes the milk in a freezer until there’s no room left. So far, Thompson has donated 4,000 ounces of her breast milk to the Mountain West Milk Bank to go to other babies in the NICU who desperately need their strength to survive.

“It’s hard giving my milk away because it was supposed to be for my baby, but it’s going away to other babies who need it, so it’s worth it,” Thompson said. “I will go as long as my body lets me. I just know how important breast milk is to other babies who are in the ICU. I just wanted something to come out of it.”

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[Featured Image: Nicura Thompson]