Miracle Kitten Survives Firework Explosion

Miracle Kitten Survives Firework Explosion

While people love to use fireworks during summertime celebrations, they can quickly become dangerous for the people and animals around if they aren’t used properly.

Recently, an Iowa animal rescue league saw firsthand how dangerous fireworks can be for animals when a control officer found a three-month-old kitten fighting to stay alive after being shot in the face with a firework and left with missing teeth, a broken jaw, and skin hanging off.

“He was immediately taken a vet for treatment. Following examination it is believed that a firecracker exploded in his face. He has a broken jaw, severely damaged teeth and burns all around his mouth and nose,” Jasper County Animal Rescue League said in a post to Facebook.

“His jaw has been wired and other wounds cleaned,” the rescue league wrote about the cat, who they named Firecracker. “He’s definitely a little firecracker and keeps us on our toes. He’s going to come through this. We have named the kitten Firecracker,” said Jasper County ARL Director Rachel Long.

Despite the extent of Firecracker’s injuries, he has made miraculous progress so far and is expected to make a full recovery. “We are going to get him heading on the right track and maybe get him in a foster home to continue to recover in,” Rachel said.

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[Featured image: Jasper County Animal Rescue League]