Mail Carrier Fed Dog Meatball Stuffed With Nails

Mail Carrier Fed Dog Meatball Stuffed With Nails

Mail carriers and dogs haven’t always had the greatest relationship, however, one Alabama man was truly horrified after he realized what a U.S. Postal Service mail carrier did to hurt his innocent four-legged companion.

When Ed Glover recently went out to get the mail from his mailbox at his New Hope home, he noticed a meatball lying on the ground. When he looked closer, however, he discovered the snack, which he believes was left out to harm his dog Missy, was riddled with sharp nails.

Glover had no idea if Missy had already eaten some of the dangerous treat so he rushed her to the veterinarian, who discovered multiple nails in Missy’s abdomen after taking an x-ray. Glover believes his usual U.S. Postal Service mail carrier, Susanna Burhans, was responsible for leaving the nail-riddled meatballs in an attempt to harm Missy.

Police at the Madison County Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation and have since charged Burhans for aggravated animal cruelty, and Glover hopes to see justice not only for Missy, but to make sure she doesn’t harm any other innocent animals.

Watch the entire video below to see the horrifying thing this man found inside a snack meant for innocent animals.

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[Featured image: WHNT]