Little Girl Uses All Her Savings To Buy Milk For Classmate

Little Girl Uses All Her Savings To Buy Milk For Classmate

After starting a piggy bank to save up for a snowmobile, one five-year-old didn’t hesitate to give it all away when she realized someone else needed the money more than she did.

This past October, Jackie Oelfke noticed her 5-year-old granddaughter, Sunshine Oelfke, emptying her piggy bank and was stunned when she found out what she planned to do with the money. “She said she was taking it to school for milk,” Oelfke said. “I explained that I had already paid for her milk for the month, then she looked at me and said, ‘My friend’s mom doesn’t have milk money, and I do.'”

The next morning, Jackie took her granddaughter to school and showed the teacher, Rita Hausher, what Sunshine had brought into school. “I have always felt sad when I have had to tell a student, ‘no,’ when they ask if they can have milk,” said Hausher, who has paid the cost of milk for students that couldn’t afford it in the past.

“I am taking milk money to school for my friend, because my friend wants milk, and I want my friend to get milk, too,” Sunshine explained. “We like chocolate milk — together.” Since Sunshine’s awesome act of kindness, she started a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay for milk for her entire class for the second semester. In just a month, she’s raised over $13,500.

“The money will stay with Sunshine as she progresses grades to make sure her friends get milk, no matter where she is,” Oelfke explained. “Thanks to Sunshine’s act of kindness for one student, it has grown so much that it now includes everyone, which makes my heart happy,” Hausher added.

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[Featured image: GoFundMe/Jackie Oelfke]