Kind Cop Replaces Little Boy’s Stolen Bike

Kind Cop Replaces Little Boy’s Stolen Bike

Cops have been known to get over-invested in their work, but one South Carolina just went far above and beyond the call of duty after responding to a call about a stolen bike.

On July 17, 8-year-old Aiden Crawford was left devastated after his bike was stolen. “He got this bike for Christmas and we added silver pegs to front and back of the bike it’s missing the handle grip on one of the handles,” Aiden’s mom, Tiffany Crawford, said. “He’s a very upset little boy!!!!”

Crawford called the police and filed a police report with Horry County Police Officer Kevin Cast after he arrived at their home. “Immediately after I took the initial report I went home and told my wife, ‘If I can’t find this kid’s bike within a week then I’m buying him a new one,’” Cast said.

For the next week, Cast tried his best to locate the stolen bike, but ended up buying a new one with his own money when he failed to locate the original. On July 20, Cast showed up at the Crawfords’ home and surprised Aiden with his brand new bike. “Mr. Cast made him stand in front of the car and went to the back of the car, got the bike out, and my son’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas,” Crawford said. “You can tell Mr. Cast takes pride in his job and truly hated seeing my baby upset.”

“He immediately gave me a hug, thanked me several times, and then jumped right on it to ride. It made me feel very good to be able to do this for him so that he can go back to being a happy kid on his bike,” Cast said. “Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to becoming a victim of a crime, but it always tugs more at your heartstrings when those victims are innocent children. I was not fortunate enough to find his bike and return it to him so in this particular instance, I felt the need to replace it along with a lock which also presented an opportunity for an important lesson on keeping your valuables locked up and safe.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Horry County Police Department]