Hiker Saves Dog Trapped In Abandoned Mine

Hiker Saves Dog Trapped In Abandoned Mine

When one Colorado man was hiking near an abandoned mine, he immediately turned around and left when he heard noises coming from what sounded like a wild animal nearby.

“As soon as I got to the opening, I heard growling,” Preston Gladd said. “I assumed a wild animal was living in there, so I just left. I didn’t want to get attacked.” About a week later, Gladd decided to go back to explore the mine again but when he got there, he started hearing animal noises again.

But before leaving, Gladd realized the animal was actually a dog trapped at the bottom of the mine. “It sounded like a dog barking and baying,” he said. “I went into the mine with my headlamp on, I saw that there was a dog in this shaft that went straight down about 25 feet. I knew I couldn’t get down there by myself, so I went to my house and got my roommate and my girlfriend.”

After rushing back with supplies and food, Gladd rappelled down and rescued the grateful dog. “When she saw us looking down into the shaft, she was so happy. She was running around,” he said. “When I actually got down into the shaft, she was trying to climb up me. She was definitely really happy to see me down there.”

The group immediately took the dog to the vet after giving her some food and water, and thankfully was pretty healthy considering everything she had been through. Gladd then took the sweet dog home but managed to find her owner after footage of the rescue was shared on Facebook.

Gladd is now being hailed a hero for rescuing the dog, but the humble rescuer didn’t do it to be praised. “I love animals. I have my own dogs,” he said. “As soon as I heard barking, I knew I had to go in there and save the dog.”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Portia Scovern]