Heroic Mail Man Saves 2-Year-Old Having A Seizure

Heroic Mail Man Saves 2-Year-Old Having A Seizure

Typically, mailmen don’t run into many dangerous or emergency situations while on the job. That is why one Irish mailman never thought his first-aid training would come in handy…

Yet while out delivering mail, postman Darren Dickson stumbled upon a young mother in distress and found her unconscious 15-month-old convulsing. Thanks to his first-aid training, Dickson was able to stay calm and got straight to work saving the little boy’s life.

“I put him over my knee and massaged his back, he was sweating, unconscious almost,” Dickson said. “I put my finger in his mouth because I thought he was choking and got his tongue forward, then he started coughing a little bit. He starting coming round and he started to scream – it was the best sound I had heard in a while to be honest!”

“I honestly thought he was dead, I didn’t know what was wrong with him, I’m forever grateful for what he’s done for me,” mom Megan McCandless said about her toddler named Caleb who had choked on his tongue after having a seizure. Since the dangerous incident, Caleb has bonded with his rescuer and the toddler can’t wait to see Dickson as he passes by on his daily mail route.

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[Featured image: ITV]