Hero Dog Saves Owner And Friend Trapped In Sinking Mud

Hero Dog Saves Owner And Friend Trapped In Sinking Mud

While out hunting for ducks near Perry Lake, Kansas, Jake Atkins and his friend accidentally got trapped in sinking mud, which they unknowingly walked right into.

“We were walking pretty much side-by-side, and we both sank to knee depth in the mud and we tried to wiggle ourselves out and it ended up being waist deep,” Atkins said. They realized that if they struggled any more, they would only sink further, so Atkins called 911 and they tried to stay as still as possible until help arrived.

Atkin’s dog, Otis, waited nearby but jumped to action when firefighters failed to save his owner. “If they’d walked out, they would’ve sunk too. So there was no way for them to get rope to us. So when those firefighters popped out of the bushes, I said just tie the rope onto Otis,” Atkins said.

Otis bravely walked out onto the sinking mud three times to rescue the gear, Atkin’s friend, and finally Atkins. By the final trip, Otis was crying from exhaustion but refused to rest until Atkins was safe. “He followed me as they were pulling me. He kind of just was walking right beside me as they were pulling me in on my back. It was kind of funny,” Atkins said.

Watch the entire video below to see what this dog did to save his owner from sinking mud.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Jake Atkins]