Hero Dog Saves Newborn That Was Buried Alive Just In Time

Hero Dog Saves Newborn That Was Buried Alive Just In Time

Dogs are known for having an incredible sense of smell, but one dog in China is being hailed a hero after her acute nose caught the scent of a baby in grave danger.

The dog had recently been had just been welcomed into a home on farmland in Chongqing, China, so when it suddenly darted out the door on May 6, owner Yang Jiali ran out after to find it and make sure the dog didn’t get lost. When she eventually caught up, however, Jiali found her dog frantically digging through the dirt in one specific spot.

Moments later, Jiali saw a white piece of cloth sticking out of the dirt, and as her dog continues to dig, she realized there was a baby underneath. She immediately uncovered the baby and found his mouth full of dirt, but he was miraculously still alive and had a pulse.

When she went over she was amazed to see a crying infant wrapped in a piece of white cloth in the hole. “The baby looked pale. His breathing and heart rate were slow. He had low body temperature, and his whole mouth was full of mud,” said Song Yue, an assistant doctor.

The baby is thankfully expected to make a full recovery, and cops have now started an investigation to find the boy’s parents, who cops suspect only buried the baby because they thought he had died.

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