Hero 11-Year-Old Took Three Bullets To Save Baby Sister

Hero 11-Year-Old Took Three Bullets To Save Baby Sister

Older brothers are known for being protective of their younger siblings, but one California boy is being hailed a hero for what he did to save his baby sister’s life.

This past Sunday, mom Carrie Joe had taken her kids to a birthday party at Mama Marks Park in Sacramento, and while the kids were playing, they suddenly heard gunshots. Rather than duck and hide to protect himself, Joe’s 11-year-old son ran over to his two-year-old sister who was in the line of fire.

“My son instantly blew cover and went over (to) his 2-year-old sister. He thought to protect her — basically his body covering her,” Joe said. “That’s why I tell people he’s my hero. He protected my baby.” The boy had acted as a human shield to protect his sister and was tragically shot in the chest, back, and knee in the process.

“I hate that this happened to him because he didn’t deserve it at all. My baby is a good child. He deserves to have his childhood and be able to play at parks,” said Joe. The boy was rushed to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery to remove a kidney, remove his appendix, and treat other organs that were damaged. “He’s on a breathing machine to help him breathe,” Joe said. “One of the bullets that went in, it kind of ricocheted and did a lot of damage.”

Despite the damage, doctors say the 11-year-old should make a full recovery. And as news of the 11-year-old’s brave and selfless act spread, people have been lining up to help the struggling family, who have been homeless since November. “We lost our house,” Joe said. “Having to get the kids back and forth, trying to figure out what we are going to eat, and clothes and shoes and stuff — it’s really hard.”

“When I got to my office, people were at my door waiting to give checks. We just want to give them a care package of money for them to go out and find a stable place to live,” said Councilmember Allen Warren. “I want to be able to bring my son home. And when I say home, home is with me and his brothers and his sisters. So, anywhere we are together is home,” said Joe, who just wants her son to be ok. “I just can’t wait — if we have a home for him to come home to, that would be better.”

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[Featured image: KCRA]