Grandmother Accidentally Locks 2-Year-Old Boy And Dog In Hot Car

Grandmother Accidentally Locks 2-Year-Old Boy And Dog In Hot Car

A little boy and a puppy were rescued from a scorching hot car in New Jersey after the child’s grandmother accidentally locked the keys inside the vehicle. 

Dashcam footage from a police car at the incident at Hammonton Township was posted last week, where Troopers Jacob Sherry and Steven Hodge broke the windows of the car and carried the boy and the dog to safety. 

According to Inside Edition, the child and dog had been locked inside the car for 30 minutes before the rescue and temperatures outside were about 84 degrees. We’re unsure of the temperature in the car, but it’s estimated to be at least 10 degrees warmer than outside. 

New Jersey Trooper, Lawrence Peele of the New Jersey State Police, told Inside Edition, “It’s a good reminder to parents and caretakers everywhere to be aware when securing children and animals and that you secure your keys.”

Apparently, the grandmother had finished loading her grandson and dog into the backseat of the car when she went to get into the driver’s seat and realized she left the keys in the passenger seat, which locked her out of the car. When officers arrived they suggested breaking the windows of the car, and the grandmother agreed. 

After the child and puppy were removed from the car, they were brought to the air conditioned patrol car to cool off until an ambulance arrived on the scene. Officer Peele said both the child and dog are in good condition following the incident. 

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[Featured Image Credit: New Jersey State Police]