Firefighters Rescue Puppies Trapped In Burning Home

Firefighters Rescue Puppies Trapped In Burning Home

Firefighters saved four puppies trapped inside a cage in a burning home in East Biloxi, Mississippi on Monday. 

According to the Biloxi Fire Department, firefighters heard puppies whining while extinguishing a house fire on Crawford Street around 5:30 pm on Monday. During a search of the wood-frame home, Capt. Otto Vuyovich heard what sounded like whining puppies. “We were venting the structure for smoke and I heard the puppies,” Vuyovich said.  “I immediately pulled out the cage and one was moving while the other three seemed to be passed out.”

Firefighter James Landry then began caring for the four young pups. He said: “When I opened the cage, one pup actually walked out and another soon followed. But two were visibly in distress.

That’s when lifesaving training, which is normally reserved for humans, was put into effect and officers rush to save the four young dogs. Landry and Biloxi Police Officer Bryan Wallace administered oxygen to the two pups for about 15 minutes before they regained consciousness and began breathing on their own. 

Biloxi Fire Department wrote on their Facebook page: “Bottled oxygen was used to resuscitate four of the young canines, who were suffering from smoke inhalation and were nearly lifeless.”

Nineteen firefighters responded to the fire and it took about 15 minutes to get the blaze under control. Thankfully, no civilians or firefighters were injured and the department is investigating the cause of the fire. In the meantime, the pups are headed to the Harrison County Humane Society. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Biloxi Fire Department/Facebook]