Firefighter Free Horse From Neck-Deep Mud

Firefighter Free Horse From Neck-Deep Mud

Firefighters will do whatever it takes to rescue a life in danger no matter what species, so when Florida firemen received a call about a horse in a deadly situation, they refused to give up on her.

Earlier this week, crews from Hillsborough County Fire Rescue arrived at the scene and found a 25-year-old horse named Kiersa stuck in extremely dense mud, which was up to her shoulders and chest and made it impossible for her to move even as the men climbed in and tried to dig her out.

The firefighters quickly realized that the suction of the mud was too strong for them to break, but rather than give up and leave her to die, they called in some extra help. Shortly after, HCFR Heavy Rescue 11, Dr. Alexandra Urban from the Brandon Equine Medical Center, The Polk County Sheriff’s Office State Agriculture Response Team, Hillsborough County Public Works (DPW), and RVR Horse Rescue responded to the scene. Together, they gave Kiersa sedatives so she wouldn’t hurt herself trying to get free and then got to work.

The rescue teams worked together to put padded straps around Kiersa and used a crane to carefully pull her out and place her back on dry land where the vet was able to examine her. Dr. Urban administered IV fluids and antibiotics and just 30 minutes later, Kiersa was awake and back on her feet.

Watch the entire video below to see how these determined rescuers managed to save this trapped horse.


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[Featured image: Facebook/Hillsborough County Fire Rescue]