Family Turns Over Seashell At Beach To Find Special Message Written Inside

Family Turns Over Seashell At Beach To Find Special Message Written Inside

Most of us have had the experience of going to the beach and picking up seashells. 

While not all of us have taken them home, we’ve at least looked them over to see if they were unique enough that they were worth taking home. One family found a special seashell on the beach during a trip to Cape Cod. 

Cristina DiGioia Mastro wrote on Facebook“Vince and Mia just found this shell on Corporation Beach on Cape Cod. Instant goosebumps. I wish this lady could know her son had fun on the beach w our kids today. Everyone SHARE this post. Maybe the mom will see it!!! (We did set it back out to sea. We knew this shells journey wasn’t over yet!)”

The seashell was put onto the beach by a mother who recently lost her son. It read: “Matt my beautiful boy, you are missed and loved always.” She dated the seashell, 7/7/17 and wrote Cape Cod, Mom. 

The Mastro family couldn’t help but share this special seashell with the world and they hope that the mom who wrote the message will have a chance to see it. The post so far has been shared over 109,000 times from people all over the world who are commenting where they are from. 

This story has certainly spiked everyone’s curiosity as readers are wondering what happened the child. While we may certainly wonder, this is one of those stories that we do not always need answers too. There is a certain beauty that comes with not knowing, and that is most definitely the case here. 

Have you ever found anything like this on a beach?

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Cristina DiGioia Mastro]