Dog Saves Puppy Thrown Away In The Trash Before It Was Too Late

Dog Saves Puppy Thrown Away In The Trash Before It Was Too Late

Dogs aren’t exactly picky eaters, which is why one police officer in Brazil thought his neighbor’s dog was rummaging through the garbage to find extra food to eat.

This past week, the officer left home to run an errand when he first spotted the dog digging through the trash. Yet when he got home a little while later, he was stunned to see a tiny animal in the dog’s mouth instead of some scraps of food.

The police officer decided to get closer to get a better look, and was amazed when he saw that the tiny animal was a days-old puppy that was still alive thanks to the dog. The puppy may have smelled like garbage, but was otherwise alive and well.

The cop reached out to Marco Antonio Rodrigues, who rescues local animals, and gave him the newborn since he could better care for it but had to take the black dog along as well since she was determined to protect the baby and would cry when they took him from her.

“She played the most important role by saving the puppy,” Rodrigues said. But the sweet dog wasn’t producing milk, and the puppy wouldn’t survive without it so Rodrigues reached out online to see if anyone had a dog that was nursing. Miraculously someone came forward and offered for their dog to foster the puppy. “One dog found the puppy in the trash and another is being his mom,” he wrote. “What a beautiful thing!”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Marco Antonio Rodrigues]