Dog Reunites With Family After Breaking Out Of The Vet Hospital

Dog Reunites With Family After Breaking Out Of The Vet Hospital

Almost every dog owner thinks their pet is special, but one Virginia family has proof that their 10-year-old Great Pyrenees is extraordinary, thanks to the security cameras at their veterinarian’s animal hospital.

Recently, Travis Campbell and his family dropped their dog General at the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital while they went on vacation to Virginia Beach but warned the staff there that he was a talented escape artist. “He is very special,” said Campbell. “He is a smart dog. Getting out of doors, in a door is nothing new. I told them that when we dropped him off, but never had a problem getting out of any place that boarded him before.”

The staff assured him there was no way General would be able to escape, but at around 4:17 a.m. on Monday morning, General escaped his kennel and opened three doors to get outside. “Basically, he spent a night and a half rehearsing trying to figure out how to open the door from the inside, which is how he got a little scratch on his nose,” Campbell said. “It’s a trick to lift the latch from the inside and he figured it out and pushed on the door. Pretty impressive.”

The hospital sent out animal control officers, sheriff deputies, and staff members to look for General, who was thankfully found safe in a neighbor’s yard. Thanks to everyone’s tireless efforts, General was reunited with Campbell that night. “A big Thank you to ABC 7, and FOX 5 for spreading the word through Social Media all day!!” wrote Danielle Marie Carey Campbell on Facebook.

“My husband is on his way and General will join the family on the rest of our vacation. Big Thanks to Officer McCall, for all the calls, and finding our furbaby!! I can’t thank him enough!! He is our new Hero!!!!! Thank you all for the prayers and shares…”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this dog escaped the animal hospital in the middle of the night.

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[Featured image: Fox News]