Dog Completely Melts When His Dad Plays The Piano For Him

Dog Completely Melts When His Dad Plays The Piano For Him

Music is a universal language that can bring people together from around the world. 

In the case of this dog owner and his loving companion, music is what bonds them. Luke Westerman is dad to an adorable Pit Bull named Franky. To Westerman, music is everything and he says that Franky loves to be serenaded on either his piano or guitar. 

According to Westerman, Franky has been into music ever since he was a puppy. He told The Dodo: “Franky has always loved when I sing to him or play an instrument. He’s been doing this since he was a pup.  He just melts into a deep rest while enjoying being serenaded.”

Westerman has posted videos of him playing the guitar and piano which Franky listens to in awe. He even gets closer to his dad every single time he is playing music. Most of the time, Franky sits directly on Westerman’s lap and seems to drift off into happy doggy-land. There are even a few instances where Franky was so relaxed that he fell asleep. 

“He requires kisses and pets throughout, and he has also been known to fall asleep on my lap while I play guitar or piano for him,” Westerman said. Franky may have a pretty good life now, but according to The Dodo he had a rocky past and he was almost a casualty of Hurricane Gustav back in 2008. 

Thankfully, he was rescued and later adopted by Westerman and his girlfriend. “After [Hurricane] Katrina and the devastation there and all the displaced dogs, we knew we wanted to rescue a dog from that area before he became another victim,” Westerman said.  

“Once we saw Franky’s photo we knew he was the one, so we had him flown from New Orleans up to Columbus — which we only did because time was of the essence due to the incoming hurricane.”

Ever since Franky and Westerman have been inseparable and they like to jam out whenever possible. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Rumble Viral]