Determined Dog Swims Through Floodwaters To Save Favorite Toy

Determined Dog Swims Through Floodwaters To Save Favorite Toy

This tiny dog was not going to let anything stop him from parting with his favorite toy- not even a big flood. 

When Kristen Tahiri’s backyard in Grayslake, Illinois was left flooded on Wednesday after heavy rain in her area, her 1-year-old dog Lily didn’t seem to mind the mess at all. 

“We got close to seven inches of rain and I’ve never had water like that in my yard, ever,” Tahiri told “There’s not even a sewer back there or anything.”

In a video Tahiri posted on her Facebook page, Lily is seen diving straight into the flood water and playing fetch with a toy. “She actually jumped in earlier after a squirrel,” Tahiri said. “At that point I was like, ‘Oh well, you’re in it. We’ll give you a bath later.’”

Tahiri said the flooding created a two-foot-deep pool in her backyard, which luckily subsided 12 hours later. Unfortunately, many of the things stored in Tahiri’s garage were destroyed and the flood left a pit of mud in her backyard. 

This weather affected many people in Illinois, causing flooding and cleanup problems to residents and roads across the area. Some residents in the northern suburbs had to evacuate overnight due to the severe weather and police wound up bringing plastic rafts to help motorists whose cars got stranded. 

Watch the video of Lily swimming through flood waters to save her favorite toy in the video below!

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition/YouTube]