Deployed Soldier Dad Surprises Kids At Disney On Ice

Deployed Soldier Dad Surprises Kids At Disney On Ice

Moms and Dads in the armed forces know how hard it is for their children when they have to leave home for months at a time during a deployment.

So when on Arkansas soldier, Staff Sergeant Andy Perkins, found out he was finally being sent home, he decided to plan a special surprise for his kids to make up for all the time they were apart.

With his wife Heather and Disney’s help, Perkins planned to surprise his two kids, Dominic and Symphony, during a school field trip to Disney on Ice while he was still stationed in Kuwait. And when the day finally came for the field trip, the two young kids couldn’t wait to see Mickey Mouse.

However, when Dominic and Symphony were called up on stage at the beginning of the performance, they quickly forgot all about Mickey when they saw their dad, who they hadn’t seen for more than eight months, drive out on the ice and then step out to give them both a giant hug.

Watch the entire video below to see the awesome moment these kids see their dad for the first time in months.

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[Featured image: KATV]