Deer Trapped Between Two Trees Cries When Hunters Come To The Rescue

Deer Trapped Between Two Trees Cries When Hunters Come To The Rescue

A deer was found wedged between two trees and was crying hysterically for help as a bunch of hunters approached it. 

The hunters, who were out on a trip in Oregon, heard the deer’s cries and when they arrived on the scene, they realized the deer was stuck and desperate to get out. The men did the best they could to pry the animal loose, but after several attempts and no luck, one of the men used a hatchet and began to chop down one of the trees that was holding the animal in place. 

It was clear to all that the deer was uncomfortable during the ordeal as it cried in agony, and at one point it even started kicking and screaming. The video was posted online by ViralHog, and it shows two of the hunters pulling on the tree that was later chopped down by the hatchet in order to free the deer.

ViralHog wrote on their YouTube channel: “On a drive for a hunting trip, a family in the rig ahead of us stopped abruptly in the road. The dad’s hand was out the window pointing up the hill, just off the road. Everyone but me saw the big buck run off right as we stopped. Dad got out he truck and started walking up the hill, and we bailed out and followed. There was a doe stuck in between two trees. The deer were in the rut this time of year, and we assumed the big buck was pushing her around and got her stuck.”

After the painful rescue, the deer ran free into the woods, although it probably suffered minor injuries. 

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[Featured Image Credit: ViralHog]