Deaf Dog Found Alive After 9 Months In Mountains

Deaf Dog Found Alive After 9 Months In Mountains

During a family hunting trip in the Idaho mountains last September, a 14-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever named Mo, who is deaf, wandered off when a door was left open.

“The day she went missing, the other guys took off and went hunting and I had to run to town … Mo was asleep on the couch and I came home and the grandson of one of our hunting partners had opened the door to play ball with Mo and when Mo realized I wasn’t there she took off to find me,” said Mo’s owner, Darwin Cameron.

Darwin and his wife, Cindy, spent the next three months looking for Mo in the area, but feared there was no way Mo could survive on her own as the temperature dropped so low. “If you know anything about Idaho winters, this one was not a normal one. Record snowfalls, highest snowfalls and coldest temperatures in over 100 years,” Darwin said.

The Camerons had given up all hope that they’d ever see Mo again, but nine months later, they were contacted by a dog rescuer who had found a malnourished dog in the area covered in ticks and fleas. The couple doubted it could be her, but were amazed when they went to see the dog and knew it was Mo. “She went to Cindy and pushed her head into Cindy’s belly. Cindy was looking her over and looking for all the signs that this is Mo — a stitch in her right eye, her fatty tumor,” said Mo’s rescuer, Cheri Glanker.

“Boy, we’re blessed to have her back,” said Darwin, who couldn’t believe Mo managed to stay alive for nine months on her own in such harsh conditions. “To think that she was smart enough and tenacious enough to figure out how to do that, that’s pretty good for a little town dog, we’re just amazed.”

Watch the entire video below to see how this couple reacted to being reunited with their long-lost dog.

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[Featured image: ABC News]