Dad Survives Being Struck By Lightning On A Playground

Dad Survives Being Struck By Lightning On A Playground

Going to the playground isn’t normally a dangerous way to spend an afternoon with your kids, but one Irish father nearly lost his life when it suddenly started to rain and he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Last June, 37-year-old Geordie Allen had spent the day with his five-year-old son, Geordie Jr,. and seven-year-old daughter, Georgia, at the playground for a school sports day. When it suddenly started to rain, he picked up his youngest son and took his daughter’s hand to lead them back indoors and out of the rain.

Yet before they made it off the playground, the father-of-three was struck by a powerful bolt of lightning that nearly cost him and his two kids their lives. The little boy was instantly thrown out of his dad’s hands, and the little girl’s clothes were burned into her skin. But, Geordie suffered the worst from the accident. His heart stopped for 55 minutes, he was severely burned, and multiple organs were failing.

The children were treated for their injuries but thankfully were able to go home the next day. Geordie, on the other hand, was rushed to a specialist unit at Ulster Hospital, but he had slipped into a coma after the school’s staff tried to revive him with a defibrillator and performed CPR, which ultimately saved his life. Doctors warned that there was no way he could survive the traumatic injuries.

“The doctors told me for the first five nights, ‘There is no way he will survive.’ The lightning shut off everything in his body. But Geordie has made up the rules himself,” said wife Sharon.

A month later, Geordie miraculously woke up from the coma, but had no memory of the incident and would wake up each day without any memory so Sharon had to explain how he almost died every day. For the next five months, Geordie was in the hospital and couldn’t even walk.

“One ­doctor told me, ‘That’s you done, you’re bedridden for life.’,” Geordie said. But in the months since the accident, Geordie has made a miracle recovery and is back at home. “And now they say I’ll walk again. It’s a miracle really. The doctors had never seen ­anything like it so it was impossible for them to know how I would ­recover or if I ever could.”

“It went from being told he was going to die, to being told he won’t move his fingers again, to being told he won’t walk again. But he has proven them wrong every step of the way,” Sharon said. “Geordie has come this far through sheer determination.”

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[Featured Image: Photopress Belfast]