Curious Dog Saves Baby Abandoned In Plastic Bag

Curious Dog Saves Baby Abandoned In Plastic Bag

One curious dog from Vincent Lopez, Argentina loves spending his days exploring his neighborhood, which is why a neighbor didn’t think anything of it when he spotted the curious dog sniffing a plastic bag left on the street.

However, when the man returned home from his errands, the dog, Orejón, was still sniffing and barking at the bag. “When I returned, I saw Orejón was a little disturbed,” said the man, who lives near Orejón’s owner. “He was smelling and barking at a bag. I approached and saw that there was something strange.”

The man realized that something inside the bag was moving, so he cautiously peeked inside and realized why Orejón was so upset. Inside the bag was a tiny infant that had been abandoned and left to die on a cold night. Thankfully, Orejón wouldn’t let that happen.

The man immediately called the police, who then rushed him to the hospital to be treated for malnourishment and hypothermia. Police have reported that the baby is about 28 days old, and is now doing well thanks to Orejón, who is being hailed a ‘hero‘ and a ‘guardian angel‘.

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[Featured image: Facebook/FM Sol Rosario 89.1]