Couple Who Took In 3 Grandkids Become Lottery Winners

Couple Who Took In 3 Grandkids Become Lottery Winners

One New Jersey couple thought their days of parenting were long over, however, when their daughter tragically died of Lupus, they didn’t hesitate to take in their three beloved grandchildren.

Even though they didn’t have the means to support a family of five at this point in their lives, Jackie and her husband Rande, who have been married for 17 years, refused to let someone else raise their grandchildren. “They have helped so many other people in their times of need,” said family friend Debbie.

But this past March, their luck finally turned around when the numbers on their Mega Millions ticket matched all five white balls that had been drawn and they won $1,000,000. “They are the most deserving people in New Jersey,” Debbie said about Jackie and Rande after driving them to the lottery headquarters to collect their million dollar check. “And now it is their turn to receive this very necessary blessing.”

The couple plans to spend some of the money paying off bills and then plan to put the rest of the money aside for their grandchildren to have in the future.“I am just very grateful. This will help our lives out a lot,” Rande said. “This will be the beginning of good fortune to our family,” Jackie added.

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